Tokyo Ghoul Yields Themed Food In Japanese Restaurants

When asked what anime's foods they would like to eat in real life, most people probably wouldn't choose Tokyo Ghoul.

Recently some photos of "Tokyo Ghoul" themed food have surfaced on the internet. Among some humorous character themed dishes, it would seem the most interesting foods feature Kaneki, Touka, and nightmare inducing Rize .

This Tokyo Ghoul themed food collaboration, which will be recreating some of the most iconic meals from the series, will transform the Shinjuku ward's Hidden Dining House - Tsumugi, as well as the Namba district's -yuuna- into restaurants for humans and ghouls alike.

In addition to making real versions of some of the foods seen throughout the anime, both menus will have original dishes inspired by various characters and ideas.

Both themed food restaurants will offer slightly different menus, which include lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks.

Tsumugi's menu is set to include the following items:

Anteiku Sandwich for 680 yen (about US $5.80) Based on Anteiku's signature sandwich.

Binge Eater Rize's Meal for 780 yen (about US $6.65) Chicken in a tomato sauce meant to look like human flesh.

Rabbit Potato Salad for 680 yen (about US $5.80) Based on Touka's mask motif.

Yamori's Crunching Stick Salad for 780 yen (about US $6.65) Served on a hockey mask and based on Yamori's tendency to crack his knuckles.

Kaneki's Favorite Hamburger for 880 yen (about US $7.50) Based on Kaneki's favorite food when he was still full human. Available as a dinner item or lunch set.

Lunch set includes rice, miso soup, and side salad and costs 1,380 yen (about US $11.76).

Kaneki's Masked Pizza for 1,580 yen (about US $13.47) Margarita pizza with an imprint of Kaneki's mask.

Quinque Kushi Katsu Skewers for 780 yen (about US $6.65) Assorted fried foods plate based on Amon's Quinque. Includes onion, duck, lotus root, fish, and bell pepper.

Yoriko's Special Nikujaga for 680 yen (about US $5.80) Based on the dish that Yoriko mades for Touka. Available as a dinner item or lunch set. Lunch set includes side salad and inari sushi and costs 1,280 yen (about US $10.91).

Egg of the Black Goat Tamagoyaki for 880 yen (about US $7.50) Based on the title of the book that Rize was reading when she first met Kaneki.

While some of the items above can be ordered as lunch sets, the rest of their exclusive lunch menu is as follows:

Touka's Rabbit Sandwich Lunch Plate for 1,280 yen (about US $10.91) Sandwich with an imprint of Touka's rabbit mask served with miso soup and salad.

Amon's Kakiage Udon for 980 yen (about US $8.35) Based on Amon's favorite after work meal. Served with bowl of rice and karaage chicken.

Various desserts include:

Tsukiyama Cream Puff for 680 yen (about US $5.80) Based on Tsukiyama with crunchy swirls based on his kagune.

Yomo's Yomogi Dango for 580 yen (about US $4.94) Based on Yomogi and his namesake dango.

Shooting Star Wing Parfait for 680 yen (about US $5.80) Based on the image of Hinami's pet bird Hetare.

The dinner menu at -yuuna- in Namba is divided between foods intended for ghouls and foods intended for humans.

It also features the following:

Tsukiyama's Kagune for 780 yen (about US $6.65) Sausage wrapped in mochi, based on Tsukiyama's kagune.

-yuuna-'s lunch menu includes Touka's Rabbit Sandwich Lunch Plate, as well several other additions:

Kaneki's Hamburger Plate for 1,280 yen (about US $10.91) A hamburger sandwich based on Kaneki's favorite hamburger with french fries, karaage chicken, and miso soup.

Yoriko's Special Bento Plate for 980 yen (about US $8.35) Yoriko's homemade bento box with french fries, salad, tomatoes, hot dog, karaage chicken, onigiri, and takuwan daikon.

Nishiki's Two-Colored Pilaf for 1,180 yen (about US $10.06) Rice pilaf in Nishiki's two-tone color scheme with karage chicken, salad, and miso soup.

Their dessert menu includes:

Rize's Jelly for 480 yen (about US $4.09) Fruit gelatin dessert based on Rize's kagune

Two In One ~Black and White~ for 680 yen (about US $5.80) Ice cream dessert based on Kurona and Nashiro

Juuzo's Cheesecake for 1,380 yen (about US $11.76) Cheesecake dessert topped with Juuzo's signature style. Serves 2 to 3.

Both restaurants will also be serving the following character drinks :

Both restaurants will be serving their Tokyo Ghoul menu until March 31.

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