Top 10 Anime Anti-Heroes Characters That Brought Us Good Moments

Are they the good or the bad guys? The characteristic ambiguity is what makes these anime anti-heroes so fun to watch.

Even selfish and immoral as they are, these anime characters never cease to surprise us and bring us good moments.

In the following list, we gathered the top 10 most iconic anime anti-heroes out there.

10. Ladd Russo from Baccano!

In the cocktail of stories and character development that is Baccano!, anti hero Ladd Russo surely catches our attention.

Right from the beginning, this man is shown as someone who loves violence and wining. He might celebrate killing a person, even if it’s dancing around his dead rival’s body.

The quirks of his personality goes along perfectly with the complex and fast development of the plot makes him worth to watch.

9. Koko Hekmyatar from Jormungand

We kick off with a recent anime series that is worthy of its place.

In the sketchy and violent world of gun dealing, Koko Hekmyatar turns out to be a well known and respected merchant. However, the more we know her, the darker she gets.

Most of the twists in the story are due to her unpredictable decisions, for which she always finds a clever and efficient way to solving the problem at hand.

This anime would not be the same without the anti-hero of the deadly band of mercenaries, Koko Hekmyatar.

8. Alucard from Hellsing

The powerful vampire who defends the Queen and the Country of England, surely represents the badass term on this anti-hero list.

He always longs for battle and strong opponents, especially for one who can put an end to his eternal life. We can see him getting along with some humans, although that’s in some rare cases.

Regardless of his duty and morality, Alucard fights almost for the sake of it. It is a good thing he is on our side, otherwise who can tell what would become of the human world.

7. Revy from Black Lagoon

She might be what we all want to see in this anime.

Revy makes the perfect connection from our main character to this mercenary world in Southeast Asia, and she does with splendid action.

Faithful only to her partners and herself, Revy is a fearless killer. She will not hesitate to kill a person for the job, even if they are civilians.

The strong and stubborn personality about her makes negotiations even more difficult, which often end up in killing sprees.

For the survival inside the dangerous world of Black Lagoon, Revy would make an excellent partner and a spine-chilling enemy.

6. Hei from Darker Than Black

Just as being a contractor implies, He kills people like he brushes his teeth in the early morning.

In the case of Hei, though, we do see him caring for some special people.

This perhaps is also what makes him scary. For if it’s his agency and for his own good, he will not hesitate to end a life, and in an quick way.

His large appetite goes according with his superb skills, making him a masked cold blooded assassin.

5. Light Yagami from Death Note

If you ever thought about a decisive and ambitious character, then you have though about Light Yagami.

A natural genius thinker with a cynical view of the world we live in, Light proclaims himself the next saviour of humankind after finding the Death Note.

This determined character will not easily give up on his plans, even if it means dealing with very powerful people.

Despite how many people he kills in cold blood, it will all be justified, taking part in his “Becoming God of the world” scheme.

4. Guts from Berserk

The mercenary who travels from company to company, always fighting.

The background of Guts, surrounded by violence and treason, is what makes this character a fearless warrior.

After some unfortunate incidents, he is complied to search for his revenge.

The complex history behind his past and the desire for vengeance is what makes him the ideal main character for this seinen styled series.

3. Mugen from Samurai Champloo

Rude, vulgar and lewd. We encounter this vagabond with a strange fighting style early in the series, and we love him ever since.

Mugen is known to be a womanizer, a trouble maker and a really stubborn guy.

His personality however, is contradicted perfectly with his companions, and ends up helping them once in a while. The nihilistic way of seeing life works as the cherry on the cake.

Without any clear objectives in mind, he makes up for the most interesting and funny stories in the show.

2. Togame from Katanagagtari

A little bit harder to find on the map, however not the least of this list. Togame starts a revenge plan with his weapon and companion Shichika.

She then tells him about this scheme, which includes all kinds of strange conditions.

Even though she might be a cheery girl who considers herself as royalty, Togame will definitely play a brutal strategy against her enemy.

1. Vegeta from Dragon Ball

When you think about iconic and anti type characters, you have to think about this guy.

Regardless of our melancholy in play, Vegeta is a complex character with too much pride on his hands.

We get to know him as the prince of the Saiyajins, and his attitude will surely prove that.

Highly competitive and wanting to prove to be worthy of his inheritance, Vegeta is always on the look for powerful rivals.

His rivalry with the not so nobleman Saiyajin, Goku, is one of the most interesting features of this classic anime.

So those are the special 10! Do you have a favorite anti-hero in any anime?

(source: honeyfeed)

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