10 Anime That Deserve Another Season as Soon as Possible

There's a variety of reasons that your favorite anime is never going to get another season.

This can get really personal and controversial for some people depending on how you go about this. Do we want a second season because it didn‘t end well, or maybe it was just so good we want more?

1. Btooom!

Short but jam packed with action-y goodness, Btooom! left many of us craving for more. This game themed series takes a more serious approach to what would actually happen if we got forced into our favorite video games.

Unfortunately it didn't end with a fully finished story and it didn't sell well at all but we can sure hope for a new season!


2. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf ended in volume 17 back in 2011. With nothing left to promote, there isn't much incentive to create a season 3.

3. Baccano!

Following a premise that almost feels unprecedented, Baccano! shows us a fantastical bloody world of immortality and monsters all on board an intercontinental train during the 1930s in Chicago.

This series being another example of a wonderfully crafted, interesting storyline that ended just a bit too soon.

4. Deadman Wonderland

It's got an original twist on an otherwise common plot and original animation with terrifically bloody horror themes.

If you can stand the violence, this show is top to bottom worth it but it did end pretty short with some major plot points left untouched. Although it dates back to 2011, maybe we still have a chance at another season?

5. Skip Beat!

The manga is still ongoing even into 2015, but the anime hasn't aired in 8 years. It's likely to not get another season. Fangirls around the world are weeping.

6. Highschool of the Dead

High School of the Dead was nicely played, coming in at the most perfect time in history when zombies were hugely popular.

However, the manga stopped publishing after the Japan tsunami and earthquake disaster.

7. Berserk

It stands for itself that a 25 episode anime from the 90's that is still so popular today would be wanted more of due to its wonderfully graphic, violent action, horror and mild nudity.

With Japan's new censorship laws, it could be hard to get another Berserk adaptation out there.

8. Hunter X Hunter

Possibly the most erratically update cycle in the history of the manga industry. The manga goes on hiatus for numerous years and even Japanese book publishers are sick of it declaring the series finished.

Now that the anime is basically caught up with the manga, we can likely say farewell to Hunter X Hunter.

9. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket did a really good job getting both the girls' and boys' fanbases rallied up, despite being a shoujo series.

The anime ended with much to be desired and I don't think there's anyone that doesn't want to see this series fully finished.


10. Claymore

Claymore has always been up there on the most watched and most popular lists even after all these years. So it's no surprise that everyone wants more.

The manga finished at the end of 2014, so there's plenty of material left to hope for another season.

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