Ultra Heaven
Ultra Heaven
The story is set in a dystopian alternative present where any kind of substance able to alter the state of mind is legalized and authorized for consumption at home or in designated places called Pomp Bars. These products, once considered very dangerous, are now freely advertised on TV. The bartender chooses the ones more suited to his customers and serves them with special cocktails. When the Pompies movement obtained the liberalization of the drugs it seemed a historically meaningful change destined to improve the world - a dream realized in a manner that radically affected humanity\'s way of life. But in a world where all feelings are artificial and where everyone is a potential drug addict, nothing has really changed for the better. Only a select few drugs are considered dangerous and put under strict control by hygiene offices, which is given full authority to handle matters related to the severely addicted. The main character is Kabu, a small-time peddler and heavy addict. Used to any kind of hallucinogenic trip, he is able to feel the happiness through the ecstasy of the drug, while on the same time hypocritically hating who gave birth to that society which has forced him to the live this way. After an overdose caused by mixing two incompatible drugs, he spends his days looking for stimulants until the encounter with an enigmatic man who offers him a new kind of illegal substance…Ultraheaven From that moment on his incredible journey begins - where dream and reality are fused in an undivided world - causing him both hysterical joy and unbearable pain. But what is Ultraheaven and who is behind its creation? And who is the guru promoting the \'medication\' as a powerful way to influence the whole universe surrounding us by exploiting the quantum theory? With the help of a special amplifier helmet, Kabu starts a trip deep into the his consciousness, diving into a nightmare he could never have imagined…
Episódios 2.3
Mar 17, 2022
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