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In summary;

An alpha millionaire has problems maintaining a stable partner due to his enemies, he is looking for a strong wife, who knows how to defend herself, elegant and with etiquette and discreet (that is, who is ordinary and not the center of attention)

Luan has been selected without knowing it, due to his way of dealing with unwanted attention and looks down on everyone like trash from his pedestal of pride.

He was always watched by the alpha's guards, so no outsider could get close to him, however something did not go right and both ended up intoxicated in different events on the same day (drugged-poisoned), the alpha is hospitalized and Luan disappears until the sunrise where he is found shivering, completely out of alignment and crying on his way home.

Time passed and Luan's father (an alpha with a double life) began to suspect that his son was hiding something from him, after a quarreling Luan runs away from home and disappears from Marshall's map.

Years later Luan secretly raises "a lost child" while hiding from her father and he pleads that his father forget his existence and not end up like his brothers.

It is at that moment that she crosses paths with Marshall again, the father of her son, who asks he to return it to him and this time he does not let Luan run away.

The story had reached chapter 60 (novel) and chapter 20 (webcomic) before the author disappeared and will not leave a trace.

Other works of the author are:

•Secrets and Liars

•white cage

•Class S

If someone can help me I will be very grateful.🙏🙏🙏🙏

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