Olivia Rodrigo North America Tour 2022

Olivia Rodrigo is bringing her music to the world, and she's going on tour to do it! Today, she announced a full tour schedule, and you can see the complete list of concert dates below. The tour will span North America, Europe, and Asia, and will feature the music of her debut album SOUR.

The general public will be able to purchase tickets for the "Sour" tour on Friday, December 10, starting at 10 a.m. ET. Fans in the U.K. can purchase tickets at 9 a.m. on Friday. The tickets start at $68 on average and are available now. While the set list for the tour has not yet been revealed, the singer is expected to perform her biggest hits from her debut album, including the song that shattered the record.

The upcoming tour is a major one for Rodrigo. She's currently starring on Nickelodeon's "MECH-X4" and Disney's "The Suite Life on Deck." The 'Sour' tour will be her first headline tour and will include stops in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She'll be performing at the Masonic Temple in Detroit on April 23.

The next tour for Rodrigo will be her debut album Sour. The singer released her debut album in 2021 and has yet to announce the dates for the tour. This year's dates include the Bay Area, North America, and Europe. You can purchase tickets for the upcoming tour on Ticket2concert. If you are a fan of the singer, you can purchase tickets through Ticket2concert. Depending on the venue you choose, you might find yourself spending more than what you'd like to spend.

The Olivia Rodrigo tour will include two concerts in the U.S., both in Philadelphia and New York. Both shows will be held on April 26 and 27 and will begin on April 2. On May 6 and 7, tickets will go on sale on Ticket2concert on Friday, Dec. 10 at 10 a.m. EST. You can also purchase them on Ticket2concert. However, tickets for the show will be more expensive than the general public.

The tour will be her third in the U.S., after performing four concerts in the U.K. and Europe. The tour will begin in New York City on April 26 and end in London on May 6 and 7, with the second show on May 7 in Philadelphia. It will be her first time in the United States, but she's still a huge success! You won't want to miss her live performance.

The concert will include a two-night residency at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The tour will also include European and U.K. stops. As for her setlist, the star will perform all of her greatest hits from her debut album. Hopefully, she'll break the record of her career by playing this song. The world is her oyster! So, you'll get to see her in concert in person and sing along to your favorite songs!

This tour will include stops in North America, where she will headline a two-night residency at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The tour will then travel to Europe, where she will perform in countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, and the U.K., and the Bay Area. Once she's finished touring, she will conclude her tour at the Eventim Apollo in London. 2022 Olivia Rodrigo Tour Tickets pre-sale will begin on Tuesday, but the cost will depend on the location of the concert.

The pop singer is also set to tour the U.K. in 2022. Her 'Sour Tour' is already sold out, with tickets going fast. The dates for her 'Sour Tour' are listed below. The shows will be sold out in advance and will be announced in the coming weeks. The tour is expected to begin April 2, and will end in Hamburg, Germany on June 2022. It's a massive pop star, and fans are already clamoring for tickets.

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