The Future is Then: 6 Steampunk Anime Series

While it has faded from the popular view, steampunk is a sub genre of sci-fi that takes the steam technology of yesteryear and basically futures it up a bit. It combines this old, outdated, but still important technology with futuristic advancements or used in different societies. Contrary to the name, it need not be focused on purely steam technology. Rather, any older technology combined with future aspects technically falls in this genre. There aren’t a ton of steampunk anime series, but if that is your jam, then these are your options.

I don’t include anime movies, but if you are looking for steampunk, Studio Ghibli likes to use it in some of their movies. Namely Castle in the Sky and Howl’s Moving Castle. Some non-Ghibli options also include Metropolis and Steamboy.

Samurai 7

I feel like a lot of people would be super excited by a straight up remake of Akira Kurosawa’s classic movie, 7 Samurai. However, this anime turned it into a steampunk version. In it, the general plot and themes are the same, but they combined samurai with futuristic robots and other technology. It’s no original film, to be sure, but it makes those mercenaries seem much more badass.

Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water

This series gleaned heavily from one of the more famous steampunk entries ever, Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. So much so that sometimes it feels like an adaption. However, this series very much combines classic culture with highly technological machines.

Last Exile

For many, this is the series that comes to mind when they think of steampunk. In Last Exile, it very much takes place on a different planet where flight is the main mode of transportation. However, they aren’t using space ships. Basically what they are using are WWI era flight machines.

Kino’s Journey

As an anime about a journey, the scenery changes throughout this anime series. Some cities are more steampunk than others. However, Kino herself is very steampunk in design. Hermes, though there is a touch of magic there, is a very old style motorcycle and Kino’s own outfit is very reminiscent of styles you would see in your standard steampunk series.


The whole setting of this world is highly steampunk inspired. Yes, they traveled through space to this other planet using very advanced technology. Yet, their whole world is modeled after the Wild West. Yes, it is still the early years of civilization, but one would think that there would be more technology even if their ship was destroyed.

Full Metal Alchemist

Last, but not least, the single most popular Steampunk series probably ever. FMA takes place mostly in a world parallel to our own. In it, alchemy overtook the traditional sciences. It is this use of magic that allowed for much further advanced technology than what the actual time period allowed. While the steampunk isn’t immediately apparent right away, you will begin to understand.

Do you have any more good steampunk recommendations? let fans know in the comments section below.

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