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    Mar 27, 2019

    Book One: Prologue

    Chapter 1:Entering Haru Higashiyama: Your "Average" Teenage Girl...

    Chapter 2:We Have All United for a Common Cause

    Chapter 3:Action Before The Enemy

    Chapter 4:Megumi's Thought

    Chapter 5:Izanami's Appearance and her Loyal Bodyguards... 

    Chapter 6: The Three Flowers Have Come to Show Off

    Chapter 7: It Begins! Entering Izanami's Elite Squad

    Chapter 8: Natsumi is trapped in  Hyakunichisou Void...

    Chapter 9: Natsumi's Surprise and Bara's Plot

    Chapter 10: Yoshi is trapped! Bara's Void and her Unwavering Conviction

    Chapter 11: Yoshi's Victory and the Transition of The War

    Chapter 12: Haru's True self and Reality

    Chapter 13: Haru Saves but is Betrayed At The Same Time...

    Chapter 14: Haru Is Wavering On What She Believes

    Chapter 15: Haru's Time To Confront the Leader

    Chapter 16: Haru's Secret: Part One

    Chapter 17: Haru's Secret Part Two 

    Chapter 18: Prepare for the unexpected

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