The Original Power Rangers Are Changing Colors – Here’s What It Actually Means

The Power Rangers have been through a lot in the comics. Every incarnation of the iconic multicolored team has been brought together by the Shattered Grid event, but things aren’t slowing down for the Go Go Power Rangers book focusing on the original Mighty Morphin team. This winter, the Rangers will be facing another issue — namely, that they’ll be swapping colors and weapons, and presumably Zords as well.

That’s right: Jason will trade in his red T. Rex for a yellow Pterodactyl, while Trini takes on the role of the Red Ranger. Kimberly will be Blue, Zack gets Pink, and Billy winds up with Black, with the costumes adjusting slightly to appropriately reflect their wearers’ gender. Exactly what the reasons are for the various switches is unclear, but the covers for Go Go issues #14-16 all make it clear this will be the status quo for a while. But beyond the obvious novelty of the switch, one thing is clear — this change is one that will affect each and every character on a basic level.

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It’s an experience that will certainly have consequences for Trini and Jason the most. Since Go Go’s start, there’s been the hints of a brewing romance between the two. Trini’s made it clear that she’s interested, and he seems to reciprocate those feelings, even if he’s not the best at displaying them. The cover for Go Go #15 shows the two finally locking lips after spending months training one on one, and being in something of a “will they/won’t they” tangle.

Beyond that, this presents the first time that someone other than Jason has taken on the role of the Red Ranger during the Mighty Morphin era. Through various eras of the Power Rangers franchise, the role of the Red Ranger and its leadership has always been hotly debated, as we all know, with several non-Reds often thinking they can do a better a better job than their leader.

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Trini’s never really been one to consider herself better suited, which is why seeing her take the opportunity to see what another of the Mighty crew would be like if they took the reigns rather than Jason is so intriguing. It’s hard to think he’d force his way back into the leadership role, and it’ll be interesting to see her discover if she’s got leading material of her own. What’s more important is that in changing her hue, Trini technically becomes the first female Red Ranger chronologically speaking, and the third ever, joining the ranks of Super Samurai‘s Lauren and SPD’s Charlie.

Page 2: One Power Ranger Color Shift Means More Than The Rest

All of the colors swaps are interesting on their own, but none of them are quite as important as Zack getting the role of Pink. The franchise has always associated Pink with women, because that’s just how gender norms roll, but there’s something freeing about seeing Zack dressed in the Pink suit and still having a smile on his face. Showing him with a look of irritation or disgust would betray the franchise, and while it’s certainly an abrupt change, it’s far from the strangest thing to happen to him since he became a Ranger. Not to mention that it serves as a callback to the Rangers of the 1969 era, who also had a man Pink Ranger. It’s a small step, but showing a male superhero in a pink costume without it being made the butt of a joke will hopefully break the binary thinking that’s been prevalent for so long, in comics and throughout all pop culture.

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Having the Rangers swap colors seems like it would be better suited to the Mighty Morphin book, but it may end up working better in Go Go’s corner of the larger lore. The book is focused primarily on the relationships the team shares with each other and other citizens of Angel Grove, meaning they’ll all have to acclimate to their new roles and weapons in a completely different way than if this were occurring a few issues after Shattered Grid concluded. Go Go will allow for this color swap, simply put, to be fun and a bit goofy as they try each other’s weapons for the first time and crack jokes about how odd the situation is, or who was assigned to what color. After what they’ve been going through, thanks to events before and during Shattered Grid, a little bit of fun is what they need.

Naturally, it won’t all be fun and games — the color swaps will apparently tie into how Rita Repulsa found the Green Power Coin that will eventually go to Tommy, and that way certainly lies some level of danger. But the fact that the Power Rangers have never wound up swapping colors before, and all that entails, in their 25 years of history goes to show there’s still plenty to do with the Rangers.

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