Avengers: The Origin #2

Loki casts a spell upon the heroes of Midgard, clouding their perceptions. This may sound like a plotline from “Siege,” but it is actually the origin of the Avengers. This series gives readers of “Mighty Avengers” or “Siege” a chance to see just how integral Loki was to the formation of the Avengers. For that, it is well timed.

Last issue’s call for help from Rick Jones and his Teen Brigade is answered by Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Wasp. The confrontation between the Brigade and the heroes seems weird with Rick’s pals all whipping out guns, but considering this is a modern reinterpretation of the classic story, Casey follows what would come “naturally” to the kids of today if they gathered in a group with motivations akin to Jones’ crew.

Iron Man is saddled with some really clunky armor, but Noto makes the armor look classic, despite the fact that it seems out of place. The armor — while true to what Tony Stark was wearing when this story was originally told in its Silver Age brilliance — seems horribly outdated and quite unlike anything a futurist like Tony Stark would have developed a handful of years ago. Perhaps my opinion here is shaded by the media inundation of the current interpretation of Iron Man, or maybe I just prefer to remember things as they were. At any rate, the blending of new and old creates some slightly awkward moments like this, but Noto’s art is clean enough to make it all congeal.

This issue is stunningly low on action with the only action coming from an imaginary sequence bestowed upon Thor by Loki. In that sequence, Thor is shown possible paths for all of the characters in this book should they decide to hastily pursue the Hulk. This leads to posturing on Thor’s part and disbelief (this is the first time they meet Thor) on the part of his newfound allies.

While I enjoy a good Avengers comic as much as anybody, in the end, this issue is an average tale of decompression on the origin of the Avengers. There’s nothing startling here, and nothing overly exciting either. For the price, this book is a bit of a letdown, but at least it’s a very sharp-looking letdown.

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