Top 10 Strongest Characters in Tokyo Ghoul

Year 2016 has come and the third season of Tokyo Ghoul anime is just around the corner.

For that reason, we are going to go over some of the characters that will surely be in the spotlight next season.

Without further delay, let's take a look top 10 strongest Tokyo Ghoul characters.

10. Seido Takizawa

Sasaki was defeated by him easily in the first round and he can kill associate special classes like nothing, fought Haise/Kaneki to a tie.

9. Uta

He fights without his kagune and his regeneration is really fast.

And he probably has a Kakuja and he fully mastered it sense he can make his Kagune mask Turn into any face he wants.

8. Noro

Being one of the leaders of Aogiri, he has ridiculous regeneration power , a massive kagune, he's just a Monster.

7. Koutarou Amon

He was turned into a Half-Ghoul but regarded as a failure , he then escaped from Aogiri and he has been killing ghouls on his own.

6. Matasaka Kamishiro (Shachi)

SS rate ghoul, awesome strength, durability and fighting skill, large kagune, he's head of the 6th ward, and he had kicked kaneki's ass twice.

He knows advanced martial arts and even has a bikaku (the most stable RC type).

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5. Tatara

Tatara - One of the leaders of Aogiri and at the end of the Anteiku raid, it was shown that he can move at almost warp speeds.

We still don’t know his real strength, as he never engaged in a full battle,.

He seems to be one of the survivors (if not the only) from Chi She Lian, which were wiped out by the Chinese authorities with the assistance of Kousuke Houji.

4. Haise Sasaki/Ken Kaneki

You can all argue that he still doesn't deserve this spot, but take in consideration all of his personas and some of them are really powerful, like the white hair Kaneki, and the new kick-ass Persona Red Hair Kaneki (Akaneki) who appeared to be a beast and even went against Eto all by himself .  

3. Yoshimora  (The Owl) 

He's a SSS rate ghoul who has a kakuja, and it took all five Shinohara, Kuroiwa, Houji, Suzuya and Koori Ui to bring down.

He managed to fool the CCG for 10 years so that they thought he was the One Eyed Owl.

2. Eto

SSS rate ghoul, Kakuja, the Anteiku raid massacre speaks for itself.

As a SSS rated ghoul, she might be even stronger than Arima cuz she never fought him seriously.

1. Arima Kishou

The undefeated investigator who no one has harmed, He even falled a sleep fighting a ghoul once he's a Nightmare for all Ghouls. Enough said.


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