5 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Super Can't Compare to Dragon Ball Z

The classical anime Dragon Ball has been around since 1986 anyway.

Based on the manga by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball has introduced us to anime and gone on to play a vital part in most of ourchildhoods.

The series, especially Dragon Ball Z, is so well known and easily recognised that it could easily be considered the most popular anime of all time.

As of now, Dragon Ball is still everywhere and will remain firmly implanted in pop culture.

This brings us to the present and the new show currently on the air: Dragon Ball Super.

When it was announced, fans could not help get excited about what could be in store. With Toriyama back in the helm, Super promised to be a return to form for the anime giant.

Did Dragon Ball Super make it? Far from yet. And here are 5 reasons why Dragon Ball Super is not a patch on Dragon Ball Z.

1. Bad Animation

Toei Animation is the biggest anime production company in the world. They not only handled all the original Dragon Ball series but One Piece is also their product.

They know how to build a franchise by giving fans a never ending stream of episodes.

However, that leads to the first problem with the series: The Animation. The rough exterior that the original franchise had also added a certain grittiness to the show.

Dragon Ball Super falls short here.

Dragon Ball is mostly set in deserts and empty spaces: One can not help but focus on the quality of the animation simply because there is nothing of interest ever happening in the background.

The characters are also way too polished. It often seems like Goku has been coated in vasoline. Even during the fights, everything just appears way too clean.

It also goes without mentioning that the animation has improved considerably since the heyday of Dragon Ball Z.

With shows like Psycho-Pass, One Punch Man and Gintama being on the air around the same time, one can not help but feel underwhelmed when watching the bad animation of Dragon Ball Super.

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2. The Fights

This goes hand in hand with the previous reason: The fights, so far, have been extremely underwhelming.

Every single time the characters throw down, usually the best parts of the franchise, Super kind of falls apart.

In episode 5 the fight between Goku and Beerus, the lack of detail in their movements is appalling to watch and it ruined the arc before it even began.

This was the first real fight in the series, and what the Toei gave the fans was a half hearted spare that would have felt out of place in the 90s?

Thankfully, the animation during the fights have improved but they still fall short of what is expected from a Dragon Ball product.

There is a distinct lack of tension in each one of these fights.

Even though both Beerus and the returning Frieza threaten to blow up the world, the characters themselves do not even seem all that worried.

If you want great, fun and epic fights, why not watch One Punch Man instead?

3. Storylines

For some odd reason, the decided way to begin the Dragon Ball Super series is by adapting the two recently released Dragon Ball movies: Battle Of Gods and Resurrection F.

This has resulted in the first 25+ episodes of Super being nothing more than a rehash of these two movies.

The story lines for both movies were a bit underwhelming and silly, but they served their purpose for the 90 minutes each release needed.

They are nowhere interesting enough to be expanded to 10+ episodes anime each.

What's more, the animation of the movies is significantly better than Dragon Ball Super. So what we ended up with is a much longer but weaker version of what we already had.

4. The Cast

Dragon Ball has quite an extensive cast at its disposal, but Toriyama does not seem to be able to get the best out of them.

Dragon Ball GT could have been retitled 'Goku and Friends' and Super fails to really improve on that enough.

Can you imagine that Vegeta becomes a family man in Dragon Ball Super?

Super does make better use of Vegeta, in that he does not have a moustache, but Goku has been given pretty much everything so far.

Both main arcs end with 'Goku' doing all the fighting, while the rest of the characters cheer him on in the background.

We all love Goku, but Dragon Ball is a lot more than just Goku.

It is a grave disservice to the fantastic cast that required countless hours of hard work and development to be merely tossed aside for the lead character.

Also, Gohan is just a joke now-a-days. He got knocked out just going Super Saiyan in the last arc...

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5. The Biggest Problem is Goku?

The biggest issue with Super is the way that Goku is 'written'.

He has never been the most complex character out there. But he was one of the most instantly likeable characters in anime history.

Goku not only comes across as a complete bad-ass in all the original series. He was a flawed character but he had his priorities in check.

In Super, his biggest motivation is his love to fight. Even beyond protecting his loved ones and the World, 'Goku' just wants to get stronger. This discrepancy in the character is very jarring.

During the Goku Vs Beerus fight, they are informed by King Kai that if they continue to fight, they will destroy the universe. Goku powers up first after that warning, which the original him would never do.

The fact that he decided to risk everything just to have a good fight makes him a borderline psychopath.

Dragon Ball Super is about to get going with a brand new arc, but it seems what we have gotten so far is just a quick attempt to get the movies out of the way.

Not to mention that it can hardly compare to Dragon Ball Z.

(source: hubpages)

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