Top 10 Signature Fighting Moves in Video Game History

Some moves are known for their utility. Others are known for their style. Still others are known because internet culture has created memes out of them.

We are looking at special moves that are key to specific characters, are the biggest part of their repertoire and are the most iconic in video games. We're here to bring you the 10 signature fighting game moves.

10. The Nut Punch - Mortal Kombat

Johnny Cage is so badass, he does a split specifically for the reason of punching you in the balls. The Nut Punch has shown up in every Mortal Kombat game, movie, animated series, and more.

9. Chun Li's Lightning Legs - Street Fighter

Chun-Li's Lightning Legs are another iconic move from the Street Fighter series. For many of us, this was one of the first special moves we ever executed.

8. Terry Bogard's Buster Wolf - Art of Fighting

Terry Bogard is really known for two things: his awesome trucker cap and his hilarious quotes. This attack is so popular that is has spawned an entire series of Terry Bogard internet memes.

7. Zangief's Final Atomic Buster - Street Fighter

Zangief is a powerhouse wrestler, and if he gets a hold of you, you can pretty much kiss most of your energy goodbye. This is especially true if he launches into his Final Atomic Buster.

6. Falcon Punch - Super Smash Bros.

With one well-timed hit, Falcon sends his opponents flying across the screen into oblivion, while screaming, "FALCON…PUNCH!" It's quite a moment - and more than enough reason to master him.

5. The Raging Demon - Super Street Fighter

The Shun Goku Satsu, AKA the Raging Demon, is the signature mode of Akuma in the Street Fighter series. When executed, the screen goes black shielding your sight from the horrible massacre that occurs behind the scenes.

4. Road Roller Da - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Based on one of the most iconic scenes from the anime and manga, Road Roller Da has Dio Brando throwing a steamroller on top of you, and then punching it until it explodes shouting "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA" the entire time.

3. "Get Over Here!" - Mortal Kombat

Scorpion's spear move is another one of those fighting games moves that was more well known for its sound effects than its utility. Hearing a digitized, "Get over here!" meant that there was a Mortal Kombat cabinet somewhere in the vicinity.

2. The "Toastyyy" Uppercut - Mortal Kombat

Landing one of these on the opponent would catapult them high into the air while making the ground shake, easily one of the hardest hitting moves of the early days of fighting games.

1. The Shoto Three - Street Fighter Series

Hadouken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, otherwise known as Fireball, Dragon Punch, and Hurricane Kick, are easily the three most known moves in fighting game history, and as such, neither can be said to take precedence over the rest.

If it weren't for these three moves, we wouldn't have fighting games to play in the first place.

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